2010 Capital Circle Development Forum
Creates Quite a Hit in Society

“2010 Capital Circle Development Forum” was quite a success with coverage by lots of media outlets such as BTV, the Beijing News, Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Daily, Life Weekly, etc, creating quite a hit in the society.
The content of the forum was also reproduced by Xihua Net, Sina.com, Renmin Daily Online, Hexun Net, China Internet Information Centre, China.com, Netease, Yahoo News, Hebei News Net, Stock Market 360, Stockstar.com, Shenzhen Hotline, Oriental Fortune, Nanfang Daily.com, Tianjinsc.com, etc.
In particular, Beijing News reported the viewpoints raised by experts on the forum in large length on its front page on Nov.7th with the title of “Beijing Subway Stretching into Hebe; the Plan Submitted to the State Council with Revision to Regional Planning” and ”Tianjin Proposes Joint Meeting Mechanism of Governors and Mayors to Promote Integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area”.