CBD Completes “12th Five-Year Plan” Financial Plan Project of Beijing Changping District

Entrusted by Beijing Branch of China Development Bank, from March to November of 2011, the CBD Research Base undertook and successfully completed the exclusive project of “12th Five-Year Plan” Financial Plan Project of Beijing Changping District. The project report passed the evaluation and got a high appraisal.
During the period of “12th Five-Year Plan”, with the construction of “Beijing North Innovation Center, International Science and Education New City” as the goal, Changping District had great need for capital in terms of the construction of functional area, industrial development and fixed assets investment. Meanwhile, there existed the scarcity of total quantity and structure in terms of financial construction in Changping. The traditional investment and financing approach needed reforming and regional financing platform also needed further improving. In the context of this, the CBD Research Base and the Project Group made up by China Development Bank, Beijing Branch paid many visits to relevant departments of Changping Government and revised its report for lots of times by means of field researches and information discussions, based on hearing the opinions and suggestions, thus resulting in a successful project report.
Based on the in-depth research and analysis of China’s and Beijing’s financial development situation, development pattern and policy orientation, the project report learnt from the experience of the financial development and innovation of other places. And it also pertinently put forward the concrete suggestions on improving financial market and financing main body and changing investment and financing approaches, especially the new plan for the financing mode to Changping “Three-Year Construction Action Plan”, based on Changping financial system and investment and financing situation.
This research not only made contributions to meeting the needs for investment and financing during the period of “12th Five-Year Plan”, but also had constant, stable and innovative meaning in terms of building new system and financing mode in Changping.