Fieldwork in Huailai County, Hebei Province, Done by the Teachers and Students from the College of Urban Economics and Public Administration

With the national 12th Five-Year Plan putting forward the idea of creating Capital Economic Circle, Heibei province 12th Five-Year Plan drew up a blueprint of “Capital-rim Green Economic Circle”. In order to realize the harmony and scientific development between Beijing and Capital-rim Green Economic Circle, and better facilitate the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei and sustainable development, Zhang Guixiang, Professor of College of Urban Economics and Public Administration paid a two-day in-depth field visit to Huailai County from September 29th to 30th with his post graduate students, including Wu Yufei, Zhang Shaopeng and Shi Libin.
With the close collaboration of local government, Prof Zhang visited the Construction Administrative Organization of Capital-rim Green Economic Circle, Huailai Government Office, Development and Reform Commission, Forestry Administration, Bureau of Land and Resources, Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and City Construction Administration Bureau in Huailai County. Meanwhile, they made a deep and detailed interview with relevant leaders and discussed the problems each department will face during the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan and their solutions. After the field visit, the visiting delegation obtained a number of first-hand sources.

Professor Zhang Guixiang visited purified water outlet in estuary wetland project with his students

A visit to Heituwa artificial wetlands project

Group photo on the bank of Guanting Reservoir

Part of the teachers and students investigate Tianjin city planning exhibition and Italy Customs District in October 2011